California Chiropractic Continuing Education

California Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

Chiro Hours is a California Board Approved Chiropractic CE Provider.

Your Requirements:
24 Hours of Continuing Education Yearly.
CE must include the following subjects:
2 Hours in Ethics and Law
4 Hours must be completed in any one of, or combination of the following subject categories:
History Taking and Physical Examination Procedures,
Chiropractic Adjustive Techniques
Chiropractic Manipulation Techniques
Ethical Billing and Coding
18 Hours may be completed in General Subject Categories
Distance Learning Allowed:
A maximum of twelve (12) hours may be completed through distance learning.
What we can do for you:  
We offer an 10 credit distance learning package, or you may purchase a course individually!
CA Course Approval #s are listed below each course for your reference. 
California Chiropractic Online Courses and Seminars

California Chiropractic Continuing Education Course Package – 10 Hours

Best Deal! $9.99 per Credit, Total $99.90
Total 10 Credit Hours

Nutrition & Wellness – 1 Hour
Diversity & Cultural Competency – 1 Hour
Nutrition Research – 2 Hours
Herbal & Supplemental Safety – 2 Hours
Tumors of the CNS – 2 Hours
Professional Ethics & Boundaries – 2 Hours ** Fulfills Ethics & Law Requirement

Chiro Hours - Diversity & Cultural Competency Course

Diversity & Cultural Competency Course

1 Credit Hour – Category B 
Explore the philosophy behind cultural competency, patient centered medicine, awareness, and how this ties into your interactions with patients on a daily basis.  (CA Course Approval # CA-A-17-09-14140)

Nutrition Chiropractic CE online

Nutrition & Wellness

1 Credit Hour – Category B 
A comprehensive review on the most important components of nutrition you need to know about.
CA Course Approval # CA-A-18-08-15582

Chiropractic Continuing Education Nevada

Professional Ethics & Boundaries Course

2 Credit Hours – Category A *Fulfills Ethics & Law Requirement
Enhance your knowledge on patient confidentiality, HIPAA, boundaries, and learn about famous course cases that have expounded on ethics in the health care field.
CA Course Approval # 

Chiro Hours Course Herbal and Supplemental Safety

Herbal & Supplemental Safety Course

2 Credit Hours – Category B
Are herbal and dietary supplements really effective?  What precautions should we take prior to using them?
CA Course Approval # CA-A-18-08-15584

Chiropractic Continuing Education

Nutrition Research Course

2 Credit Hours – Category B
Learn about fascinating research in the field of Nutrition.
CA Course Approval #CA-A-18-08-15585

Chiropractic CE Online courses

Tumors of the CNS Course

2 Credit Hours – Category B 
Learn about common tumor types that arise in the CNS and their genetic causes.
CA Course Approval # CA-A-18-08-15583

Chiro Hours

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