Novia Scotia Chiropractic CE

Novia Scotia Chiropractic Continuing Education


Your Requirements:  24 Hours every 2 years

Distance Learning Allowed: 6 Hours every 2 years

What we can do for you:  We offer a 6 credit distance learning package, OR you may purchase a course individually!


Novia Scotia DC CE Hours

Novia Scotia Chiropractic Continuing Education - 6 Credit Distance Learning Package

Best Deal! –  $9.99 per credit – YOU SAVE $9 p/Credit!
Total $59.94 for 6 Credit Hours

Courses Included:
Professional Boundaries & Ethics – 2 Hours
Nutrition Research – 2 Hours
Future Stem Cell Research – 2 Hours

DC CE Hours Chiropractic Online Courses

Future Stem Cell Treatments

2 Credit Hours
Discover pertinent news and research regarding stem cell treatments in their applications to health conditions such as osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury,  diabetes, heart disease, and much more.

Chiropractic Continuing Ed Online

Herbal & Supplemental Safety

2 Credit Hours
Are herbal and dietary supplements really effective?  What precautions should we take prior to using them?

Chiropractic Continuing Education Ethics

Professional Ethics & Boundaries

2 Credit Hours
Enhance your knowledge on patient confidentiality, HIPAA, boundaries, and learn about famous court cases that have expounded on ethics in the health care field.

Chiropractic Hours Online Nutrition Course

Nutrition Basics

1 Credit Hour
A comprehensive review on the most important components of nutrition you need to know about!

Chiropractic Continuing Education

Nutrition Research

2 Credit Hours
Learn about fascinating research in the field of Nutrition.

Chiro Hours

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